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The combination of "ANY" "given Marijuana Slang Term or Strain Name, 

"ANY" "style of START button" is a:
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The layout & the function of the app game
SlangOrStrain is "Patent Pending". 
SlangOrStrain was created & is owned by John D. Blue from Ontario, Canada

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© 2019-2020 John D. Blue

© 2019-2020 John D. Blue


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 is a Federal pending Trademark application serial #88/608,086 in Class #09.  
In the future there will be changes and updates
SlangOrStrain™ was created  & is owned by
John D. Blue from Ontario, Canada.
The entire game is © 2012-2020 Copyrighted

SlangOrStrain™ is played by clicking on START
An authentic Marijuana
Slang Term or Strain Name will appear. 

The combined list has a total of 520 expressions. 
The player has to  decide if the expression, in the BOX, is either a

Slang Term or Strain Name and then click on their choice. 
The creator of
SlangOrStrain™ has complied an authentic TOTAL list of 
8,115 Marijuana STRAIN names & a list of 3,587 authentic SLANG expressions​.​

​This totals a list of 11,702 entries for playing SlangOrStrain, in the future.