​​My PotCheckers™ app game layout is "Copyrighted" © 2012-2020. 
The combination of "ANY" "Red Police Siren", "ANY" Marijuana related 
symbol along with"ANY" animated .GIF as displayed on a "CHECKER FACE" is a:
"Miscellaneous Configuration of the Goods" Trademark. 
The layout & the function of the app game
PotCheckers™ is "Patent Pending". 


The brand name PotCheckers™ is a Federal pending Trademark

in class #09, serial #88/591,645, for Computer application software

for computers, namely, software for playing a Marijuana themed app game

wherein one person plays the game of checkers against the Police.



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PotCheckers™ is a pending Trademark application Serial #88/591,645.

In the future there will be some changes and updates.

PotCheckers™ was created and is owned by John D. Blue from Ontario, Canada.

© 2019-2020 John D. Blue

© 2019-2020 John D. Blue

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